Santa Paolina Farm

The “Santa Paolina” experimental farm in Follonica is a centre for plant biodiversity conservation and supports the research activities of IVALSA. Since 1966, the farm has hosted large cultivar collections of pear, peach, olive, persimmon, apple and quince trees. Since its foundation, the farm operates as a centre of research, providing support and professional information for private and public companies of the agro-food chain in cooperation with agricultural associations, public institutions and administrations.
Studies and research projects for agricultural development and environmental conservation are carried out in Santa Paolina. The farm is a centre for testing and spreading of technological innovation, in-field demonstration and professional teaching.
The facilities of the farm are used by private companies to test new plant protection products and fertilizers as well as new achineries.
Santa Paolina is an authorised plant nursery producing Conformitas Agraria Communitatis (CAC) fruit trees, it is also recognised as one of the few Italian pre multiplication centres for the production of virus-free certified olive propagation material.


Claudio Cantini

[Last updated on: 06-02-2017]
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