Ivalsa courses

IVALSA offers comprehensive training courses covering all aspects of wood. These courses are open to the public and the private sector.

IVALSA offers training courses which are aimed at educating scientific and technical personnel. Also courses on request on specific topics can be organised. Furthermore, training courses for forestry worker are offered.

Covered topics

- basic wood knowledge
- propagation
- arboriculture
- in vitro technologies and cryopreservation
- restoration of artwork
- use of machinery for forest operations and maintenance of public parks
- mechanisation and use of biomass
- windows, doors and CE marking
- fire resistance
- wood use and technology
- structural use of timber in buildings
- sustainable use of timber in architecture

educational and operational offices

Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)
San Michele all'Adige (Trento)
Follonica (Grosseto)

By other offices on request


Maria Giovanna Franch (sede S.Michele all'Adige)

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