MAI-Ivalsa Mobile House

MAI-Ivalsa Modular House – a research project on sustainable buildings by the Wood building design lab researchers and carried out with the collaboration of Ceii Trentino and the support of Provincia Autonoma di Trento – is an undertaking to determine how to better use natural resources such as wood/timber and make it as sustainable as possible. MAI is a system of housing modules pre-assembled with structural technology based on solid timber panels in X-lam, made with renewable materials and environmentally sustainable.The overall design took 1 month, and an additional 29 days to build a prototype and move by truck the prototype 40 km from the Institute to a city location.
The goals of the project are to use a new technological system that also uses wood for the load-bearing structure, that can be prefabricated at one locale and successfully transported to another. Reducing the construction phases and re-using wood panels wherever possible will ensure a more efficient building process.

technical info

T +39 0461 660220
M +39 338 5206177


Maria Giovanna Franch (public relation)
Paolo Simeone
Andrea Briani

[Last updated on: 04-11-2013]
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