The SOFIE project

SOFIE – Construction System Fiemme – is a research project on sustainable buildings carried out by the IVALSA Institute of the National Research Council with the support of Provincia Autonoma di Trento. SOFIE has the scope to define the performance and the potential of a construction system for multi-storey buildings whose load-bearing elements are massive wooden panels made of certified timber from the Trentino region. The construction system is characterised by low energy demand, high levels of fire safety and sound absorption, high earthquake resistance and durability: the X-LAM system (massive wooden panels with cross-wise glued layers of planks). The system was developed in Germany less than ten years ago and uses panels with a thickness varying from 5 to 30 cm. The panels are made of cross-wise glued layers of boards with an average thickness of 2 cm. Openings for windows, doors and staircases are pre-cut through innovative CNC (Computer Numerical Control) – machineries. Buildings are assembled on site and the panels are connected by means of metal angles, ringed annular shanked nails and self-drilling screws. The timber necessary to produce the panels is entirely from the forests in the valleys in the province of Trento. Gemstone of the project has been the seismic test on a 7-storey X-lam building carried out by Ivalsa on the E-Defense 3D shaking table - the biggest in the world - of the National Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED) in Miki (Japan).


Maria Giovanna Franch (PR)
Ario Ceccotti
Gabriele Bonamini
Paolo Simeone

[Last updated on: 31-01-2013]
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