Completed projects

Trees4Future is an Integrative European Research Infrastructure project that aims to integrate, develop and improve major forest genetics and forestry research infrastructures. It...>>

The use of timber constructions is not common in the Italian building stock. Timber buildings are characterized by the low thermal inertia, which is one of the main reasons for the...>>

The project “VITROFLOR - Innovation of in vitro techniques for the quali-quantitative improvement of the propagation material of ornamentals (cut flowers and nursery plants) is...>>

The project aims to the duplication in liquid nitrogen of the ancient citrus collection located in the Villa Medicea of Castello in Florence. The collection was initiated by Cosimo...>>

The Getty Foundation has funded a research project on the collection and cataloging of sculptures preserved in the Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia in Rome. As for the wooden...>>

The carved wooden artifacts, with particular reference to the statues, and marquetry are an important part of the Italian artistic heritage, but not until now been the subject of...>>

The project considers the comparative evaluation of a series of treatments for the conservation of wooden material from the roman ships found during the archaeological excavation...>>

The project provides the setting up of a methodology for the conservation of the fragments of a piece of furniture covered by ivory ornamented with scenes, found during the...>>

The Swash Channel Wreck is a wreck of a ship, probably from the Netherlands, which was sunk during the sixteenth century just outside the bay of Poole in the south of England. The...>>

The project concerns the diagnostic characterisation of the state of preservation of the elements constituting the pile-dwelling prehistoric village of the Fiavè-Carera peat bog,...>>

An international research team, coordinated by the Consorzio Ferrara Ricerche, won the international tender, financed by the Palestinian Authority, on the recovery of the roof of...>>

The project provides the setting up and the evaluation of a new methodology of intervention for the in situ conservation of some trunks of the Fossil Forest of Dunarobba,...>>

The research aims to identify new uses of Tuscan timber in the building industry, investigating the technological properties and the most suitable grading systems. In particular,...>>

The project aims to assess the technological characteristics, and therefore the suitability to timber production, of some Tuscan provenances of cypress resistant to cancer. A total...>>

The aim of the project was the development of a wood-based profile to be used in the manufacture of window frames, which can improve the thermal insulation of the product. The work...>>

European Union – FP7 – Marie Curie – Cofund – Progetto Trentino. SWORFISH (team 2009 incoming (CALL 2) and Trentino - PCOFUND-GA-2008-226070).The main goal of the SWORFISH project...>>

It is a project in cooperation with LOGICA H&S –italian company producing elctronic devices for process control about the develop of software and hardware of an intelligent control...>>

Läckö Castle in Southern Sweden is located on a small peninsula in Lake Vänern. The origin of the Castle is from medieval times but it present appearance is from the 17th century....>>

Internal stress in wood as a result of drying is an important factor that affects considerably the quality of the final product. Internal stress is inherently difficult to measure...>>

The process of wood thermal modification enhances wood durability and its dimensional stability without the use of chemical substances. The modified wood has been present in the...>>

The project considers the effect of extractives of selected angiosperms (cherry, oak, maple and beech) on discoloration of the bondline obtained by hot pressing commercial vinyl...>>

The project considers the effects of gluing wood by using radiofrequency on the main process parameters regarding applications on wood. These effects are quantified and compared...>>

Aim of the project is to verify the possibility of using carbon nanotubes for developing structural wood adhesives. Characteristics of nanotubes are potentially ideal for...>>

The activity in progress at the Tree and Timber Institute (IVALSA) aims to investigate the effects of the temperature variations on the cambium activity and the intrannual growth...>>

Program agreement between Autonomous Province of Trento and IVALSA for sustainable construction 2008-2010.Project head: Prof. Ario CeccottiHead of Sub-B6 - Treatments for...>>

Program agreement between Autonomous Province of Trento and IVALSA for sustainable construction 2008-2010.Project head: Prof. Ario CeccottiHead of Sub-B6 - Treatments for...>>

MAI-Ivalsa Modular House – a research project on sustainable buildings by the Wood building design lab researchers and carried out with the collaboration of Ceii Trentino and the...>>

Ivalsa is involved in a important research project carried out by the Mobile Experience Laboratory of MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Sustainable Connected Home is a...>>

SOFIE – Construction System Fiemme – is a research project on sustainable buildings carried out by the IVALSA Institute of the National Research Council with the support of...>>

"XS Ivalsa Prototype" is a single prefabricated 11 square meter housing module (2,40 m X 5,50 m base area; 2,80 m height) built with X-Lam solid timber panels .The module consists...>>

The fire risk assessment model VALERIE, described in this document, has been designed to address a significant shortcoming inherent in the way fire protection is regulated in...>>

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