The TV4NEWOOD project has been approved for EU funding through the Eco Innovation program, 2012 edition. The project started on 1st September 2013 and it has duration of three years.

The project has been submitted by an international partnership group with WDE-MASPELL, Terni as Leader Partner and the following other partners:
- The consortium Servizi Legno e Sughero (Italy), 
- Cnr–Ivalsa (Italy), 
- Arredo Mare (Italy)
- Ecolwood (France)
- Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
The project was developed by IGC in Turin, a consulting firm specialized in European funding applications.
The project has an estimated budget of approximately € 1,800,000, 50% funded by the European Commission 
The project foresees the introduction  on the market of an innovative process for thermal modification of wood named Thermovacuum developed by CNR and the WDE-MASPELL, , the holder of the patent. The thermovacuum process is designed to treat the available European species to high quality product as a substitute of the imported tropical species.

Thermovacuum is an innovative eco friendly  process designed for production of a new generation of thermally modified wood with high added value with improved properties of strength and durability. Thermovacuum significantly reduces the environmental impact by very low energy consumption, chemical-free modification process and promotion of European species on the market. &nb




Ottaviano Allegretti (person in charge), Silvia Ferrari, Ignazia Cuccui

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