This research field deals mainly with technical, economic and environmental optimisation of forest harvest operations with a strong focus on young and low quality stands, which provide mostly biomass for industrial and energy use. The laboratory... >>

The laboratory of Xylogenesis consists of three sections: 1) auxometry (Giovanni Emiliani): development of biomarkers for forecasting models of wood production in response to abiotic stresses (water shortage and warming); 2) biochemistry (Maria Laura... >>

Breeding under laboratory conditions of the most important timber pests (Hylotrupes bajulus, Lyctus brunneus, Trichoferus holosericeus) and of certified fungal strains that degrade wood in different service conditions (Basidiomycetes, Ascomycetes,... >>

The laboratory has the equipments and the expertise necessary to carry out biotechnological investigations, applied to the micropropagation, in vitro conservation (slow growth storage) and  cryopreservation of plant species. This activity responds to... >>

For more than twenty years, this laboratory has been carrying out experiments on in vitro propagation of fruit (Actinidia, Chestnut, Apple, Olive, Pear, Peach, Grapevine) and ornamental species (Cycas revoluta). Plant propagation is ensured by... >>

The physical and mechanical laboratory carries out tests on wood and wood-based materials covering both timber for structural use (solid and glued laminated timber, structural panels) and non-structural use (characterisation of wood as raw material).... >>

The laboratory for wood histology, anatomy and microscopy performs in vitro and in vivo analyses of vegetal tissues. It is equipped with a complete set of instruments for the preparation and embedding of the samples, stereomicroscope, optical POLYVAR... >>

The activities of the laboratory of wood chemistry and wood products cover various aspects of chemical technologies applied to the wood sector. These activities include the assessment of chemical composition of wood, measurement of calorific value of... >>

The laboratory aims to study, through the use of different microscopes, the anatomy of wood. Through the knowledge of the anatomical structure of a wood sample it can be determined the species and the state of preservation of the cells.
The... >>

Dendrochronological dating of wooden artefacts of historic and artistic interest.
The main activity of the laboratory is related to dendrochronological dating of wooden objects of historic and artistic interest. The objects include structures... >>

The laboratory is authorised under the 89/106/EC Directive as a notified body of the initial type tests for the following product family: Timber structures - Glued laminated timber - Requirements (EN 14080).

The Mechanical Testing Laboratory deals... >>

The windows and curtain walls conducts laboratory performs research and test on windows, doors, dimming systems, curtain walls and roof lights or accessories using methods in accordance with the standards or customized, on windows of any material... >>

Completely renovated and expanded, the fire laboratories offer their support to companies who plan to develop innovative products for passive fire protection.
The fire laboratories are members of the following committees: Technical Committee UNI “Fire... >>

LABESS has the largest and best equipped facilities for wood drying tests in Italy. It operates in the fields of wood drying and wood hygrothermal modification. Participation in R&D projects and consulting services for kiln drying plant manufacturers... >>

The accurate definition of measurable indicators of “wood quality” in different operational contexts is the main concern of the laboratory. Basic and applied research activities are devoted both to the improvement of existing test standards and to... >>

The Laboratory of Surface Characterization has been established in the frame of the SWORFISH -Superb Wood Surface Finishing- project.
The lab provides a series of integrated services for the... >>

The laboratory of pomology focuses its research activities mostly in the sectors of genome mapping and quality improvement of deciduous fruit tree production.



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