Laboratory of wood quality and non-destructive testing

The accurate definition of measurable indicators of “wood quality” in different operational contexts is the main concern of the laboratory. Basic and applied research activities are devoted both to the improvement of existing test standards and to the development of new standards when needed.
The laboratory comprises five “measurements platforms”, i.e. sets of advanced measuring equipment modules, which can be flexibly arranged in order to build up a measurement system carefully tailored to the research task to be performed:
- Measurement platform for solid wood and sawn timber
- Measurement platform for veneers and wood surfaces
- Measurement platform for wood-based panels and acoustic boards
- Measurement platform for biomasses
- Environmental impact of wood


Martino Negri (head)
Ignazia Cuccui
Marco Fellin
Jakub Sandak
Anna Sandak


- Quality of wood and sawn timber
Research activity devoted to estimate the quality of wood. Applications on wood from local forests, measuring standing trees. disks from logs and from small clear specimens integrated in synthetic indexes, used to design maps describing the quality of wood in forests.

- Quality of veneers and quality of surfaces
Research activity carried out in international framework, by developing specific devices such as optical system based on lasers and imaging via digital cameras.

- Quality of tonewood panels
Acoustic measurements on timber for musical instruments and characterization of local tonewood.

- Characterization of wood for industrial uses (R&D for Enterprises)
Confidential activities for industrial clients. Some examples: surface finishing of furniture, strength on glued lines, shrinkage and swelling on wooden objects, etc. 

- Environmental impact of wood
Research activity on ecologic aspects of wooden products: Life Cycle Analysis, recyclability, Indoor Air Quality (formaldehyde, tVOC emissions, airborne particulate).

main equipment

- Measurement system for density and basic density
- Laboratory X-ray densitometer equipped with CT module
- Laboratory and field Drill densitometers (Resistograph)
- Fix and portable for planary measurement
- Two axis Laser Micrometer  fro shrinkage and swelling on cylindrical specimens
- Fessures measurement device for veneers
- Acoustic characterization system
- Laser XY modal analysis device
- Spectrofotometer (400-700 nm) for color measurement
- Image analysis software
- Microscopy with focus stacking platform and reconstruction software
- Mechanical testing machine (20 kN)
- Contact angle optcal device
- ED-XRF heavy metals measurement
- FT-IR-ATR spectrometer
- NIR spectrometer
- tVOC measurer
- Formaldehyde measurer
- Airborne particulate measurer (laser scatter)
- Woodworking dust personal sampler
- Wilhemly tensiometer
- Contact 2D roughness device
- Non contact 3D roughness device
- Non-destructive testing BING
- Ultrasuond (Sylvatest, Arborsonic)
- Sclerometer Pydodin Forest 6J
- Precision balance 
- Ovens and furnace


Physical characterization of wood
Shrinkage and swelling
Moisture content
Hysteresis curves
Colour measurement
Surface quality
Non-destructive test
Tests according to normative
Test not according to normative

[Last updated on: 22-02-2017]
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