MIT Sustainable Connected Home

Ivalsa is involved in a important research project carried out by the Mobile Experience Laboratory of MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The Sustainable Connected Home is a transportable prototype house that it is under construction in Rovereto, North Italy. The house emerges at the intersection of three autonomous systems: a) the spatial arrangement of its interior; b) the arrangement its structural X-lam wood panels and sustainable materials; c) the arrangement of its sensory, cognitive systems. A sensing and control system, embedded within the building envelope, allows for real time monitoring and reconfiguring of the states of architectural elements, which become “connected”.
The research involves experts from different disciplines: architecture, building technology of wood and information-communication technologies. The two principal fields of innovation are: a) the design of the building envelope as a modular, transportable structure of sustainable components out of wood, and b) the network of sensors-actuators, which together with the control system are set to optimize the overall performance of the house.
The structural configuration of the house developed by Wood building design lab researchers of the Cnr-Ivalsa Trees and Timber Institute of National Research Council of Italy, consists in a new structural system that uses X-lam panels for the load-bearing parts that can be prefabricated at one location and successfully transported to another location. The objective is to reduce the construction phases and to ensure an efficient building process. A small footprint is used, to facilitate the transportation of the house modules in the narrow streets of the European cities. The prototype consists of 3 modules that can be easily moved and quickly assembled to form the house.


Ario Ceccotti, Paolo Simeone, Andrea Briani, Raffaele Bindinelli, Gaia Pasetto, Andrea Polastri


Maria Giovanna Franch (public relation)
Paolo Simeone

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