Bio4ever - Biomaterials for building envelope

The Bio4ever project is a multi-disciplinary research dedicated to fulfilling gaps of lacking knowledge on some fundamental properties of novel bio-based building materials.
The overall goal is to assure sustainable development of the wood-related construction industry, taking into consideration environmental, energy, socio-economic and cultural issues.

Investigated bio-materials will be characterized before and during degradation by biotic and a-biotic agents. The experimental data obtained will be used for development of the numerical models simulating the material deterioration in a function of time and exposition. The optimal solution from environmental point of view for each disposal of investigated bio-materials will be provided. Accurate service life time prediction, service life costing and aesthetical performance models of recently available bio-based building materials are foreseen as the most important deliverables. Dedicated algorithms simulating material modifications by taking into account original material characteristics and degrading process parameters will be developed at the micro, mezzo and macro scale. The appropriate numerical tools, able to capture the multi-scale evolution of damage will be tested under realistic conditions within field trials and surveys on structures in service.

A dedicated software simulating bio-materials performance, degradation and end-of-life in severe operating environments will be developed. It will serve as a tool for demonstrating advantages of using bio-based materials when compared to other traditional resources. The tool will be dedicated for investors, architects, construction engineers, professional builders, suppliers and other relevant parties, including also final customers.

The project is part of SIR programme 2014 (Scientific Independence of young Researchers) and has been 100% funded by the Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca (MIUR).
Duration: 2015-2018


Anna Sandak

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