Evaluation of Goji fruit production in central Italy

Goji, goji berry or wolfberry is the fruit of Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense species of boxthorn in the Solanaceae family. In the last years the interest for wolfberries has increased mostly for their novelty and supposed nutrient value. In traditional Chinese medicine the whole fruit or its extracts are said to have numerous health effects which are not yet scientifically confirmed. IVALSA had plants produced form seeds collected by several European botanical garden to set up a collection and at the same time, in collaboration with a private farm is experimenting training forms and pruning systems in Mediterranean environment. In collaboration with the University of Siena during the year 2016 the chemical composition of fruits produced by Lycium barbarum along the season has been evaluated as well as the yield potential.


Claudio Cantini

[Last updated on: 11-10-2016]
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