eWOOD - mastEr of WOOD energy


The EU has set very challenging aims for the near future (2020) to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.

In many EU countries, the forests are a remarkable source of renewable energy. Wood energy has developed into an important export product. Correspondingly, there are several EU countries where the resources of renewable energy are limited. For these reasons the international trade of wood energy is increasing.

The technologies for wood energy production, transport and use are developing very fast both within and outside the EU. Increasing numbers of professionals, who know the newest technology and the rules of this international trade as well as environmental aspects, are needed.

Starting the international education of wood energy professionals is the best way to meet future challenges.

- This 3-year project is designed to plan a masters (MSc) programme to educate specialists for wood energy production, trade and transportation within the EU and globally
- To start the education of wood energy professionals on an international basis is deemed the best way to meet future challenges
- ForestThrough this project the EU's education, energy and environmental policies will be brought together on the campuses of our partners.

[Last updated on: 02-11-2015]
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