The Tuscany Region financed a program to increase the development of short food chains and of the food quality on the local market with a better integration with local producers. IVALSA with the University of Siena and other public and private companies was financed to start a pilot project (BASIQ) aimed to the use of autochthonous plants in short production chain under low agricultural inputs. The project will study which species/varieties could be economically used at a local level while at the same time will be evaluated the organoleptic and chemical quality and the environmental impact of each culture. LCA assessment will be performed on selected culture. The project addresses both scientific and practical aspects since for some of the local varieties there is a lack of information about the chemical composition and antioxidants activity as well as of information related to method of cultivation aimed to high quality standards. The project was presented on September 30th during the “Bright” event at the Siena Rectorate where IVALSA conducted also a consumer test.


Claudio Cantini

[Last updated on: 07-10-2016]
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