Specific objective "Increase of business innovation". Action 1.1.1 "Support for research projects to companies that employ researchers (research doctors and master's degree with technical-scientific profiles)”.

PROJECT TITLE: Research for the development of a new generation of thermally modified wood production system.

Since November 2017 BIGonDRY S.r.l. and CNR-IVALSA cooperate in the research STYLWOOD project.
It is an industrial reserch project with an extensive sampling of the process parameters (consumption, emissions) and product (physical-chemical and mechanical characterization) for a use in the building industry (decking, cladding, window frames) and indoor and outdoor furnishing.

The aim is to optimize the process technology developed by BIGonDRY (costs, environmental impact, safety) and to standardize the production of thermally modified wood (LTD) with proven characteristics of durability, stability and appearance.
Some important innovative contents will be available thanks to BIGonDRY’s know-how and the scientific experience of CNR-IVALSA to improve the state of the art and overcome some current criticalities of the LTM. STYL+WOOD for economy, quality, healthiness and envinonmental impact must have a favourable life cycle and it must be competitive compared to alternative materials including wood modified with other technologies or natural wood from tropical primary forests.
The project, under the scientific coordination of Dr. Ottaviano Allegretti CNR-IVALSA, aims to promote the employment of young researchers and to inform the scientific community through publication in scientific journals.
Financial Support: Cost allowed: (Euro): 200.000 / licensable contribution (Euro): 150.000

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