Physical and mechanical characterization of wood and wood products

The characterization of the materials is an essential condition to provide the proper use and exploitation.
Through the use of different test equipment are studied and verified the properties of wood and derived products. The main research activities are as follows:
1. Characterization of solid wood for structural purposes. The activity supports the development of visual and machine strength grading, and thus the update and development of Italian and European standards.
2. Bonding quality. Through bending tests of finger-joints, shear tests of glue lines and autoclave delamination tests, we check the quality of the bonding glued laminated timber (according to EN 14080 for CE marking).
3. Wood Quality. With particular attention to arboriculture, we study the effect of different factors (genetic, environmental, human) on the quality of the timber.
4. New building products. In collaboration with various companies, we develop innovative wood products or wood products for construction. Examples include new types of frames, floors reassembled, connectors for structural panels.
5. Mechanical characterization of “ancient” wood. Studies are underway to verify the mechanical behavior of elements from ancient wooden structures.


Project leaders: Michele Brunetti, Stefano Berti
Collaborators: Paolo Burato, Francesco Di Gioia, Michela Nocetti, Paolo Pestelli

[Last updated on: 02-11-2015]
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