Name: Maurizio
Last name: Lambardi
Categories: Director
Qualifica: Direttore f.f. e primo Ricercatore T.I.
IVALSA institute: Sesto Fiorentino
Phone: +39 055 5225685

-    Senior Researcher of the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy
-    Leader of the CNR project on “Safeguard and Exploitation of Woody Plants”, as part of the CNR “Department of Agri-food”
-    Member Elected of the Institute’s Commission
-    Responsible of the IVALSA’s laboratory “In Vitro Technologies and Cryopreservation”

National and International responsabilities
-    Chairperson of the Commission “Biotechnology and Molecular Biology”, as part of the I.S.H.S./International Society of Hoticultural Science
-    Responsible of the SOI (Italian Society of Horticulture) Working Group “Micropropagation and In Vitro Techniques”
-    Expert of various organizations for the evaluation of Projects on plant biotechnology (INTAS, ISTC/MHTH, SEE-ERA.NET, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Science and Technological Development della Repubblica di Serbia)
-    Member of the Editorial Board of the ISI International Journal “Propagation of Ornamental Plants” (International Plant propagators Society; Sejani Pub., Sofia, Bulgaria).
-    Academic Correspondent of the Italian “Accademia dei Georgofili”

Expert of plant biotechnology, Author and co-Author of over 130 publications on tissue culture, in vitro conservation and cryopreservation.

[Last updated on: 22-05-2019]
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